River Conditions

Here is the BBC Weather Forecast. 

Our decision regarding cancellation due to weather and river conditions will be based on stream speed (a stick test – a floating object going past the club landing stage – being greater than 30 seconds), wind chill, water temperature (not below 6 degrees). See GO NO GO decision table.

Here is the EA River Status.

Our assessment:

Friday 15th February

Again a lovely morning, and it’s a go ahead for tomorrow. River calm, little wind, no stream condition, stick test at 75 seconds, water cold but above minimum.

Wednesday 13th February

Beautiful morning. The river is calm and peaceful with hardly any wind. The stick test was at 70 seconds with no stream warning. However there are ‘red’ reaches upstream at Bray. So it’s a go ahead today but a final check at noon on Friday.

Tuesday 12th February

Quite a nice day, the current speed has decreased and a stick test shows 65 seconds. There is faster water still to come through from Henley.

Sunday 10th February

Today the wind dropped and the current speed went up to 35 seconds on the stick test, and red boards. By the evening it was back onto yellow boards and stream decreasing as advised by Steve, the Molesey lock-keeper. Water  temperature 7 degrees C.

Friday 8th February 2019

Yellow boards up. 60 second stick test (flow slower than yesterday. Water temperature 7 degrees Celsius. Wind over 30 kph. Red or yellow boards all the way up the river. Not a good race day.

Forecast for race day:  Partly sunny, mild, 14 degrees, wind 11 kph, gusting to 17 kph. No more rain forecast.

A formal course and forecast assessment will be made on both Wednesday 13th and Friday 15th, at which points the Committee may decide to cancel the whole event, or certain age/boat combinations.
Note – if any part is cancelled, it will not be re-instated if the forecast later improves.