Outline of the Event

The Molesey Veteran Head is a special race dedicated to Masters. It is a ten minute race so not too taxing. It was started by John Tilbury of Molesey Boat Club over 47 years ago to support veteran rowing and provide a well run and relaxed event with a friendly and welcoming feel.

The Molesey Junior Head was started by Fe Wood and Ted Bates of Molesey Boat Club. It was trialed in 2019 and affiliated in 2020. It was felt that there was a lack of junior winter rowing and that an event was needed particularly to provide a starting point for younger competitors to enjoy their first race.

We use the term ‘The Molesey Head Races’ as a single name for the event, reminiscent of Molesey’s ‘Kent Town Races’.

The number of crews in each Head is kept deliberately at a level to achieve relaxed and manageable competition.

The Molesey Head Races are run over a 3250 metre course on the Thames from just below Sunbury Weir to Hampton Ferry.

The river is safe and wide and clear of weirs. In February however, the current may be strong. This may result in cancellation of the race or the removal of certain classes of entry.

The Junior Head races take place in the morning (two divisions at 10 and noon), with some crews boating from Hampton/LEH and some from Molesey Boat Club.

The Molesey Veteran Head race takes place in the afternoon, starting at 2.30.

Refreshments are available at Molesey Boat Club.

Special ‘Molesey Head Races’ medals will be awarded to all competitors who win events where three or more crews have raced.

See also Spectators.