Molesey Head Races

The Junior races will take place on Saturday 16th February in two divisions at 10 am and 12 noon.

The Molesey Veteran Head will take place on the same day at 2.30 pm.

The course is 3250 metres downstream from the blue doors at Sunbury Lock to Hampton Sailing Club.

ENTRIES WILL CLOSE ON Saturday 9th February 2019 at noon.

Entries must be made through BROE; entry fees must be paid by the closing time  either through BROE or  by bank transfer to 20-90-56 40677833 ref. “Event and your club name” e.g. W4x- MOLESEY.

Explore entries cannot be made on BROE; please enter by email to ‘moleseyregatta@aol.com’, giving full crew details and BR numbers. British Rowing silver membership is required. We are accepting entries in either 4x+ or 4+ for one combined event.

Entries will only be put into the race order when paid.

Queries: Ted Bates mobile 07951 638516 or email tbates8888@aol.com

Events offered:

  • Entries are particularly welcomed for those listed below but events are offered in all classes.
  • All events are offered separately as open, women’s or mixed events
  • Medals will be offered for events with at least three starters.
  • Handicapping will be based on a standard time of approximately 9 minutes, according to conditions on the day.


Category – all O/W/Mx         Eights
Coxed Fours Coxless Fours Coxed Quads Coxless Quads
Masters * * * * *
Novice Masters *  * *
Mixed * * * * *
Entry Fee £88 £44 £44 £44 £44

Explore Rowing

Mixed coxed quad or coxed sweep oar event in stable boats. Crews must have a maximum of two men.

Class Coxed Quads/Fours
Entry Fee £44


  8o 8x 4x+ 4x- 4+ 2x
J13 O / W
J14 O / W O / W O / W
J15 O / W O / W O / W O / W
J16 O / W O / W O / W O / W
J17 O / W O / W O / W
J18 O / W O / W O / W O / W
Fee £88 £88 £44 £44 £44 £22

Conditions of entry
Entries are accepted subject to the Rules of Molesey Veteran Head but competitors should also note the following points:

  • Fees must be fully paid and boats in safe condition to obtain boat numbers on the day.
  • Crews withdrawn after the draw must pay full entry fees.
  • If an entry is withdrawn before the closing time for entries, a full refund will be made.
  • If the Head is cancelled or curtailed because of weather conditions or other reasons outside the Head’s control, a proportionate refund will be made taking account of costs incurred (but, see Junior Read Me).
  • The Committee can accept no responsibility for competitors’ boats and equipment.
  • Competitors leaving boats and equipment at Molesey Boat Club do so at their own risk.