We are getting there!

We are very pleased to announce that thanks to the help from the Thames Regional Rowing Council and British Rowing that affiliation has been given to the Molesey Junior Head.

So … a new rowing event on the Thames, and a worthy partner to the Molesey Veteran Head – thus the name for the day of THE MOLESEY HEAD RACES.

The two Junior divisions will now be capped at 75 crews each, and the Veteran Head at about 60 crews.

BROE2 will open on January 1st. Take a look under Competitors.

The rest of this website is now up to date. Please email moleseyregatta@aol.com if you find something that is not.

And take a look at this year’s poster!

A lovely race to enter!

Molesey Head Races 2020

Hello everyone – yes we are starting to work on the all day racing on Saturday February 15th.

We are likely to increase the number of Junior entries to provide a bit more racing for those new into the sport.

This website at the moment still carries 2019 information, but this will be changed by the end of the year.

Put the date into your rowing diary whether you are a Master or a Junior!

Our email is moleseyregatta@aol.com, should you have any early questions.


Good morning

It would be helpful if you have not done so already to confirm if you are bringing a trailer and to attempt where possible to share with a neighbouring club. Please e-mail moleseyregatta@aol.com.

River conditions have marginally improved although we are expecting more water to come through from the Henley reach today and tomorrow.