Are you wondering what a Head Race is, by any chance?

Well, the crews racing are racing to see who is fastest over the course and thus become Head of The River. The crews start one after the other and are timed over the course.

Where is the race and how can I watch ?

In our case the Start is just below Sunbury Lock. You can get there by parking in the Weir Hotel car park and walking five minutes downstream. The Finish is at Hampton Ferry just opposite Hampton Church. You can get there by parking in the Sadlers Ride car park, and walking a couple of minutes upstream. The Start and the Finish are connected by the towpath, on which you can ride a bike. The towpath can be quite muddy. It is worth warning you that watching a Head Race in February is not the most exciting thing to do, but the Start is quite impressive and the Finish can be too.

160 crews will be racing, and we are a little unique in having both junior crews and masters crews. Juniors are up to 18. Masters are 27 or over. Crews boat from Molesey Boat Club, Hampton School/LEH , and some row down from Walton and some row up from Kingston.

When does the race start and finish?

The race is held in three divisions and these start at 10, 12 and 2.30.

What can you do as well as watching the racing?

Eating, drinking and keeping warm are all available to everyone at Molesey Boat Club all day from quite early on until a few hours after the race.

This means sandwiches, bacon butties, tea, coffee, cakes and perhaps something more substantial too. The bar/cafe will also be open.

You will be right in the middle of the race organisation, so possibly a bit of a melee!

But – don’t get too involved or you might be asked to help!