Safety Precautions


Information – availability (Before the Heads, ensure the following):                          

– The draw, information notices for competitors, safety instructions, radio procedures, risk assessment, are all available (and easily located) on the Molesey Head Races website. (
– This includes a map of the course with possible landing points for casualties, and positioning of safety boats, first aid equipment, etc, clearly marked.
– Copies of the Safety Precautions (also the Emergency Procedures) information sheets (including copies of the course map) to be available at the Event. 

On the Day

– Junior Crews (in the morning events) to be briefed by their coaches.
For the Veterans Head (afternoon) all marshals, launch drivers, etc, and a responsible member of each crew must attend the Safety Briefing at MBC at 1.15.

Other Navigation

– Warn crews of potential 2-way traffic behind Platts Eyot (“Thorneycroft”), which is narrow in parts.
– Hampton and Aquarius Sailing Clubs will have been asked to keep the river free
– And the Environment Agency is to be informed of the Head Races well in advance, and their agreement obtained to close the Reach to navigation during racing periods. Despite this, there may still be some other river traffic. Beware.

Boating Instructions

– Crews going afloat or landing must minimise the time taken on the hard.
– This includes quickly clearing the area of all oars, water bottles, kit, etc.
– Please obey marshals’ instructions.

Rowing up to the Start
  • Use the Middlesex side of Platts Eyot. For any crew, the only place to do practice starts is by turning back down the Surrey side of Platts Eyot and then continuing right round it. Absolute compliance is required.
Marshalling before the race

– Marshalling. At least 10 minutes before the start time, participating crews must be on             their stations on the Middlesex bank above Aquarius Sailing Club. Numbers are positioned on the opposite bank for guidance.(10,20,30,40,50,60). Get in order.
The marshals will guide you. Obey their instructions. Do not be late !

After the Race

-If you are returning to Hampton School Boathouse, continue past the finish and turn when the marshals tell you. Return up the Middlesex side of Platts Eyot.
– If you are returning to MBC, go down the lock cut on the Surrey side (Absolutely NOT the Middlesex side of the river). Obey marshals’ instructions, go slow down the lock cut, turn in order below the Club and come in upstream. 

PRJS: MHR safety plan, January 2022