River Conditions

Here is the BBC Weather Forecast. 

Our decision regarding cancellation due to weather and river conditions will be based on stream speed (a stick test – a floating object going past the club landing stage – being greater than 30 seconds), wind chill, water temperature (not below 6 degrees). See GO NO GO decision table.

Here is the EA River Status.

Our assessment will be published daily starting one week before the event.

Wednesday 9th February – decision taken to proceed.

On Wednesday morning, Feb 9th, a group of the Molesey Head organisers met to review the likely river and weather conditions for the Head Races on Saturday 12th.

There are no stream warnings on any reach of the Thames – so green boards throughout – and the water flow rate is unusually low for February. This is most unlikely to change by the weekend, so no problem.

The weather is likely to turn a little colder, and the wind is likely to get a little stronger. Current predictions are for 5 Centigrade at 9am, rising to 7 degrees at 11am and 8 by midday. Winds of around 16mph may make it feel a couple of degrees colder.

So nothing dangerous, and we go ahead as planned.*

But it will be chilly when crews are in their marshalling positions awaiting the start, especially for the Juniors in the morning.

THEREFORE, PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR ROWERS ARE PROPERLY DRESSED, with fleecy tops, track suit bottoms, leggings etc, to keep them warm when they’re stationary. (An obvious thing, but at the Hampton Head last Saturday there were many rowers who just didn’t think).


Please also note that Hampton Court Bridge (always busy) is potentially a greater bottle-neck at the moment due to road works. So allow yourselves a bit more time to get to either Hampton Boathouse or Molesey BC, unless approaching from the Walton/Sunbury direction.

*we will however meet and review again on Friday to make sure.

Patrick Sinnott
Safety Adviser