River Conditions

Here is the BBC Weather Forecast. 

Our decision regarding cancellation due to weather and river conditions will be based on stream speed (a stick test – a floating object going past the club landing stage – being greater than 30 seconds), wind chill, water temperature (not below 6 degrees). See GO NO GO decision table.

Here is the EA River Status.

Our assessment:

Thursday 13th February

Event Cancelled.

Stick test: 45 seconds. Flow: 125 cu m/sec. EA River State: Yellow. Wind 25/43 kph. Raining and cold. Storm Dennis forecast for Saturday. This is the last assessment.

Wednesday 12th February

Stick Test 45 seconds. EA Status Red. Flow at Walton 126 m3/second. Wind speed 26/37 kph. 7 degrees C. Sunny and nice.

We have single scullers out who say that the river is good, but the wind not. So we are okay today, but will now assess again on Thursday and Friday mornings at 10 a.m. We are keeping an eye on Storm Dennis as to its strength and arrival time.





Tuesday 11th February

Red boards are up, although our stick test is only at 45 seconds. The flow gauge at Walton has increased to 138 m3/second. Wind speed is 32/55 kph, and it is chilly at 6 centigrade. Not very welcoming!

Monday 10th February 2020

Apart from the wind at 34/gusts 58 kph, the river looks good. Flow at Walton is now at 94 m3/second, up a little from yesterday, and a lot lower than last week when it reached 180. The Molesey stick test at the weekend was over 60 seconds