Read-Me – The Draw


The start order for Divisions 1 and 2 next Saturday is attached.

You will have been aware of the very strict limit to the number of crews that we could accept – 50 for each division. As it turned out, both were over-subscribed by about 10-12 and the first criterion applied was the rejection of any doubling-up. By happy chance, this got us down to just one crew over the maximum in only one division, and so random numbers were used to select just one crew to bring us completely within quota.

The nature of most doubling-up is that two doubles are formed out of a quad, and hence the highest proportion of rejections was amongst the doubles.

If, looking at your overall entry, you would like to replace one rejected crew with another, any proposal will be given consideration provided that a) the proposed switch is between crews in the same division and b) a request is received to : by 12 noon on Wednesday 13th . No request can be considered if these two conditions are not met.


You are strongly reminded of the need to keep warm, both on and off the water; formal inspection of the conditions will take place on Wednesday and Friday mornings, and if any change in arrangements is called for it will be via the website and/or e-mail shortly after 12 noon each day.

It would be much appreciated if any outstanding entry fees could be paid ASAP; as ever, no payment = no racing number issued.