Read Me – Juniors

This is a Trial Race, and as such the events offered and overall format are subject to certain limits.

The format will be two divisions each of 50 crews maximum. It is expected that each age/boat combination shown will be available in each division (and BROE will reflect this), but to keep to the 50 maxima it may be necessary to re-allocate a small number of crews to their second choice division. It would greatly assist if coaches could advise on the entry if a crew is switchable.


a) By arrangement with the Hampton Head, we are offering J14 events and these will be given priority in the case of us being over-subscribed.

b) We do welcome visiting clubs, but as we – obviously – do not have any “feel” for how many entries will be received in total, it may well be necessary to refuse some. You should probably think in terms of putting-in a maximum of about 8-10 crews but on the basis that up to maybe 3-4 will not be accepted. A general indication of a crew’s desired priority would be helpful.

c) If entries have to be refused, those which are the sole entry in their event will be lost first. The next priority will be those involving doubling-up; however, care will be taken that every listed competitor gets one race.

d) No competitor may enter the same event twice.

e) No extra events will be created.

f) Entries will close at noon on Saturday 9th February 2019.


Coaches are reminded that weather and river conditions can be tricky even if the Races go ahead. With this in mind they need to be completely confident that their crews are sufficiently equipped, experienced and capable. As for other Heads, any crew that is manifestly unable to complete the course may be stopped at any point and not permitted to race.

A formal course and forecast assessment will be made on both Weds. 13th and Fri. 15th, at which points the Committee may decide to cancel the whole event, or certain age/boat combinations.

Note – if any part is cancelled, it will not be re-instated if the forecast later improves.

FOR THE 2019 JUNIOR RACE ONLY – If a crew is withdrawn by its coach because of the conditions, or if the Committee cancels certain combinations, a full refund of the crews’ entry fees will be made.

Each division will start in the order largest-boats-first and within boat types oldest-crews-first. Within each event, Ranking Points (Max CRI) might be used as a general guide to work out the safest starting order.