Closing Date

Entries close at 6 p.m. on Saturday 9th February.
The course is 3250 metres.

Junior divisions will race at 10 a.m and noon, boating from Hampton/LEH boathouse and Molesey Boat Club. Your boating location will be advised as soon as possible after we have published the race order. Masters will race at 2.30 p.m.

Several new items have been posted here recently – Coxes/Steerers notes, an improved river map, a day timetable and a modified marshalling plan.


Welcome to this new website – the home of the Molesey Head Races .

The races comprise Molesey Veteran Head AND Molesey Junior Trial Head, racing in the afternoon (2.30 – Masters) and the morning (10.00 and noon -Juniors) on Saturday February 16th 2019.

We aim to make this a good day of racing, combining the youngest and the most experienced rowers.

The event is run by the Molesey Regatta Committee, supported by Hampton School, the Lady Eleanor Holles School, Wimbledon High School, Whitgift School and Molesey Boat Club.

Special medals will be awarded, linking together the Molesey Head Races and Molesey Regatta.

BROE2 is open for entries – please look for Molesey Veteran Head.  The Closing date will be Saturday 9th February at noon.