Covid Refunds


A separate document has now been posted (see under Management) and sets out the Heads’ own precautions, and those that clubs must follow. Clearly, guidance may change at any time and with little notice.

It is also expected that there will be some 2-3 weeks between the publication of the draw and Race Day. For this reason, and in the spirit of the Molesey Regattas last July, the following policy will apply to both MVH and MJH:-

  1. a) Rule 7-2-4 b WILL apply.
  2. b) If a crew has to be scratched because of Covid-related circumstances, at any time after the draw has been promulgated, it cannot be replaced but it will receive a full refund of its entry fee.

MVH crews are also reminded of the provisions of Rule 7-2-4 d.