Medals to collect

Well, first of all thank you to all the competitors, organisers, supporters and parents for making this event a successful and enjoyable one. Well done all!

There are some medals still to collect – would coaches/clubs please contact me via or call on 07951 638516.

Sacred Heart
Barn Elms

Results will be posted as final by Friday 22nd February

Ted Bates
Regatta Secretary

Yes! The Head Races are on

River conditions were checked this morning.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. A few points:

1 Eleven clubs have not yet paid entry fees. Please do so today either via BROE or to 209056 40677833 Molesey Regatta. We will not stop you from racing but spare us the task of chasing you afterwards.

2 Be efficient and quick off and on the landing stages, and don’t leave blades where they can be tripped over or walked over.

3 The masters’ coxes briefing will be at 1 p.m. in the MBC Clubroom. Junior crews are being briefed by their own coaches.

Hope you enjoy racing at Molesey!

Three days to go

The river is calm with no stream warning, see River Conditions.

So it’s a go ahead today. A final check will be made on Friday at noon.

Now posted is the Trailer Destination chart, showing who will go to Hampton/LEH and who to Molesey. Only Juniors will be boating from Hampton/LEH. Please mail if you have any query.

Although we have planned the space quite well at Molesey and have two dedicated roads next to the club, you are advised to leave plenty of time. Trailers will go into Graburn Way, Riverside Drive and Molesey Boat Club. Boat assembly will be in the Cricket Club and Molesey Boat Club.

Four volunteers are managing the trailer parking and showing you where to go – please be nice to them!


Good morning

It would be helpful if you have not done so already to confirm if you are bringing a trailer and to attempt where possible to share with a neighbouring club. Please e-mail

River conditions have marginally improved although we are expecting more water to come through from the Henley reach today and tomorrow.

Entries closed

Entries are now closed and we are now working on the start order, which will be published on Monday 11th February at the latest.

Thank you so much for putting in your entries and showing your support for this event – all divisions are full or over full.

Junior 1 Division will start at 10 a.m, Junior 2 Division at noon and the Molesey Veteran Head at 2.30 p.m.

We are also planning trailer destinations, as some trailers will be going to Hampton/LEH and the rest to Molesey. We will attempt to get this out tomorrow, but it may be Tuesday.

Daytable and Marshalling Plan amended, and River Conditions.

10th February 2019